Experion developers is coming soon to Noida

Experion Developers: Expanding Horizons into Noida’s Real Estate Landscape

Noida, a burgeoning real estate hotspot, has recently witnessed an influx of major developers, signaling a new wave of development in the region. One such significant player making headlines is Experion Developers, a fully FDI-funded real estate developer, backed by Singapore's Experion Holdings. With an acquisition of a 5-acre land parcel in Noida's sector 45 for a staggering Rs 250 crore, Experion...

Boosting Real Estate in Tier II Towns: How New Age Infrastructure Like RRTS Namo Bharat Connects India

India is on the verge of a significant transformation, driven by the development of cutting-edge infrastructure projects. One of the most anticipated ventures in this space is the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), colloquially known as 'Namo Bharat'. This transformative initiative is set to link Tier II towns with the national capital, and its impact on the real estate sector is nothing short of...

Vastu-Tips for buying home

Vastu Tips for Buying a Home in India

When buying a home in India, many people consider the facing of the property to be an important factor. According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, the facing of a property can have a significant impact on the overall energy of the home and the well-being of the residents. Here are some Vastu tips for buying a home in India: North-facing property: North-facing properties...

Hyderabad Outer ring road ORR

Unlocking Hyderabad’s Potential: The Newly Opened Outer Ring Road (ORR) Offers Exciting Real Estate Opportunities

The Telangana government has decided to lease out the 158-km Outer Ring Road (ORR) in Hyderabad to a private player for 30 years on a toll, operate, and transfer (TOT) basis. The ORR is an access-controlled expressway that encircles the city and connects major national highways. The government expects to get an upfront payment of around Rs 7,000 crore from the successful bidder, which can be used for...

The ultimate guide to interior designing in 2023.

The Ultimate 5s of Interior Designing in 2023- Make the Most of Your Bedroom, Drawing Room, and Others

Interior design is the art of enhancing the interiors of space to make it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Interior design plays a significant role in creating a comfortable and inviting home, and it can make a big difference in how you feel in your space. In this article, we'll explore some practical tips and ideas for designing different areas of your home. 5 Ways You Can Design Your...

Haryana Government's Ban on Stilt Plus Four Floors

“How Haryana Government’s Ban on ‘Stilt Plus Four Floors’ is Sparking Debate: Have Your Say Now!”

The Haryana government has recently announced a ban on new applications of projects for stilt plus four-storey structures in the state. The decision was taken to address the growing problem of population explosion and inadequate infrastructure in residential colonies. It is important to note that the ban is not related to unauthorized constructions but rather a proactive step was taken by the government...

Everything You Need to Know About EDC and IDC

What is EDC and IDC? Get to Know Everything About EDC in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon

EDC and IDC are charges levied by the government on real estate developers for the development of infrastructure and amenities in a particular area. EDC stands for External Development Charges and IDC stands for Internal Development Charges. EDC is a one-time charge levied on the developers for the development of external infrastructure, such as roads, sewerage, drainage, and water supply. On the other hand, IDC is a one-time charge levied on the developers for the development of internal infrastructure, such as electricity, street lighting, and parks.

development across the Yamuna Expressway

Unveiling the Real Estate Boom: How Development Along Yamuna Expressway is Driving Growth

The Yamuna Expressway is a state-of-the-art expressway in northern India that has significantly improved connectivity between the National Capital Region (NCR) and the city of Agra. It is a six-lane, 165 km long access-controlled expressway that has reduced travel time between the two cities from around 6 hours to just 2 hours. The expressway has been developed by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial...

Home renovation ROI for Resale

When you’re considering home renovations, think ROI

We spend a lot of time and money on our homes and a big cause for concern is what returns will I get when I go to sell it. There are a lot of home renovations that will add value to your home, but not all of them will give you a good return on cash. This blog will look at home renovations that give the best return on investment when you go to sell. Paint and Clean Adding a fresh coat of paint to...

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