When you’re considering home renovations, think ROI

Home renovation ROI for Resale

We spend a lot of time and money on our homes and a big cause for concern is what returns will I get when I go to sell it. There are a lot of home renovations that will add value to your home, but not all of them will give you a good return on cash. This blog will look at home renovations that give the best return on investment when you go to sell.

Paint and Clean

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home can help brighten up the space and make it look clean and updated. Stick with neutral colors like white, beige, or gray so that new owners can easily match the paint with their own appliances or furniture. Painting a home can give it that “new” look that potential buyers are looking for. Believe it or not, buyers usually assess the property price based on its aesthetic beauty. Make sure that you deep clean the home before showing it to the potential buyers. You and your consumer will be amazed by the bright and fresh look.

Conduct organized inspections

When you’re conducting inspections while still living on the property, it’s important to be organized and remove any clutter. This includes personal belongings like family photos that could affect the buyer’s ability to imagine themselves in the house. Get storage boxes and consider getting short-term off-site storage for all the items that don’t fit in the cupboards. Keep in mind that clients will be looking everywhere, so it’s important to have a neat and orderly home.


Advertise and market your home with a professional real estate advisor to get the most out of your resale value. Have an excellent photographer take pictures of the property to help with online advertising. Its essential to know that homebuyers prioritize an old and ready-to-occupy apartment from a reputed real estate brand over a new apartment from an unknown property developer. By working with a credible builder, you increase your chances of getting the best resale value for your apartment.

Undertake leakage and repairs

old properties and water leakage are often found together. Damp patches and discoloured walls are not especially attractive and can reduce your apartment’s resale value significantly. Fix any water leakage problems in your apartment by replacing old and worn-out pipes with brand new lines. Make sure to check for ceiling leaks too. The money spent on renovating your apartment will help you get a better price when it comes time to sell.

Upgrade the bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked areas of the house, but they shouldn’t be! In recent years, people have started paying more attention to all aspects of their bathroom, from the lighting to the flooring to the plumbing. Updating your bathroom fixtures and appliances can not only improve the resale value of your home, but it will also make it more appealing to prospective buyers. If you have stylish bathroom appliances, make sure to highlight them subtly in conversation. A little bit of Vanity goes a long way!

Makeover the Kitchen

For a small budget, makeovering your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. A fresh coat of paint, new cupboard doors or handles, and good lighting can make a big difference to the feel of your home. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a kitchen remodel to get a good return on investment. The most valuable house improvements in a minor kitchen remodel are modernizing the countertops and cabinets, updating the sink and faucet, upgrading to a brand-new appliance, and updating the flooring.


Pricing your property right is an essential step to reselling an apartment. It is necessary to price it exactly right with a reasonable margin of benefit for both the seller and buyer. Do your analysis on market trends and look up other property prices in the neighbourhood that may get you a rough idea. You can check online property portals and leading publications to get a precise insight into the reasonable price in your area. If you wish to sell your apartment fast, go for an early-bird discount to attract potential customers.

Think like a Buyer

When you’re putting your apartment up for resale, it’s helpful to see things from the perspective of the buyer. In addition to the usual fresh coat of paint and essential new bathroom tiles, think about ways you can add more value to your home. Get rid of cracks in the walls and replace old mosaic flooring with sleek vitrified tiles. Upgrade the kitchen with the latest design trends to make the space more attractive and appealing. It’s also a good idea to keep the property well ventilated and bring in as much natural light as possible.

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