How to Prepare your Home for Winters

30 Second Summary Those who haven’t felt the first blow of bitter weather in Delhi let me tell you that winter is just a step away.Use warmer drapes If you are looking for your house to stay warm during the winters, consider quality curtains, which can increase the coziness and warmth inside the house.You can also hang between rooms, unused rooms, wide halls that would act as a guard for cool breezes...

Small and Easy Steps to Reuse-Recycle and Keep Your House/Community Clean!

Waste is anything that you don’t use and throw away. Fruit and vegetable peels, used polybags, plastic containers, batteries and tin cans, and broken glass pieces, etc. are all typical examples of waste products or garbage. But throwing these out of your house doesn’t help in getting rid of them. Have you ever imagined what happens to the waste when you throw it away from your house/office? Well,...

Preventive Measures against Depleting Ground Water

Have you ever thought why drinking water has become scarce and polluted nowadays? And why monsoons have become so erratic? Why the quality of fruits and vegetables that reach you has lowered down? The answer is groundwater overuse, depletion and pollution. Read on to know how you are a part of groundwater deterioration and how you can contribute towards its prevention.   Groundwater, one of the...

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