Preventive Measures against Depleting Ground Water

Have you ever thought why drinking water has become scarce and polluted nowadays? And why monsoons have become so erratic? Why the quality of fruits and vegetables that reach you has lowered down? The answer is groundwater overuse, depletion and pollution. Read on to know how you are a part of groundwater deterioration and how you can contribute towards its prevention.


Groundwater, one of the most precious natural resources, exists underneath the Earth surface in the soil pores and rocks. Groundwater is one of the purest forms of water and, thus, is majorly used for drinking purposes and for irrigation in the fields. Besides, it is an important part of the water cycle and has an impact on monsoons.
Requirement of groundwater has increased over the years due to increasing population and industrial development, resulting into its depletion. Chances of replenishment of groundwater are also reduced because massive Real estate development has caused concretization of the roads, deforestation of lands, etc. and this prevents rain water from seeping underground. This is markedly true for places like Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Delhi, Ghaziabad etc. And, thus, people in these places are actually facing problems with adequate drinking water supply. Moreover, chemicals produced by industries are flushed into groundwater through the drainage system, which results into its pollution.
We do not realize but such activities are posing serious environmental problems. Rains or monsoons have become sparse and unpredictable. Global warming is another major issue. Many parts of the world suffer from scanty supply of drinking water. It’s high time we respect the warning signals of nature.
We don’t need the government to take care of these things. We can contribute our part in sustaining the natural resources of the environment. For instance, we can introduce rain water harvesting system in our societies, which helps let water seep underground, increasing groundwater level. Setting up a rain harvesting system is easy and requires low maintenance. This can be included in a society’s annual expenses, borne by everyone.
When we book a property  or even see a construction happening in our society, we should check if the developer/builder is exploiting groundwater for construction and, if found guilty, report to the concerned departments.
Planting trees has unlimited benefits, including restoration of groundwater. We should plant as many trees around us as we can and also encourage careful maintenance of garden areas in our society.
Awareness is the first step towards change. It is equally important to spread this information around to as many people as we can. Emphasis should be given to development that doesn’t pose a threat to our natural resources. Together, we have to vow to save the environment.

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