Home Improvement Tips To Increase Resale Value Of Your Property

Reselling could be very useful for your home property unless you support your decision with right home improvement tips.

As a homeowner planning to resale your property, you will certainly think of various ways to smarten up your property’s resale potential. However, things are not as easy as it may seem on the face of it. You need to look your property from various angles to finally determine if it is worth reselling. And, if you lack the idea of how to increase the resale value of your home, here are the tips to help yourself beef up resale quotient of your property.

How To Increase Resale Value Of Your Home

Take a good care of your Kitchen

In a recent survey conducted by a leading online property portal in India, female involvement in buying and renting homes is expected to be increased. This is an implied indication about the increasing value of women in real estate industries of India. And everyone knows the lady of the house is the undisputed leader in matters associated with kitchen. Therefore, you need to make a lot of efforts to ensure if the kitchen of your home looks spotless, modern and pleasing to discerning buyers. Virtually all potential buyers take a serious look on a kitchen, and they would show sign of displeasure if this room is dirty and untidy.

Do the following things to revamp your kitchen:

  • If replacement of kitchen faucet set seems very important, replace it with a new one.
  • Old cabinet door handles need to be changed if they have lost their previous sheen or do not work properly
  • Buyers usually make a beeline for kitchen and take a careful look on its lighting fixtures to ensure if they are new and energy-efficient. Therefore, take a good look on these things and ensure they are updated with new ones.
  • You may also give a good look on kitchen’s cabinets to ensure if they need a makeover. While it may cost you a lot of money to spring for a whole new cabinet, you are advised to hire a home remodeling company. It will give your kitchen’s cabinets a new gorgeous look without any need to change the whole of it. You can also get your cabinet’s doors and door-fronts replaced from a retailer, if you are handy.

Do not forget Bathroom:

A negligent consideration for bathroom will perhaps drive away your potential home buyers from buying your home. Bathroom, like kitchen, is one of the most important rooms not to be ignored at all when it comes to revamping your home property into resale-worthy.

Do the following things to refurbish your bathroom:

  • If installation of pedestal sink or toilet seat seems very necessary, do this. They improve look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Old and stained bathroom floor casts dull feel on the whole ambiance of bathroom. Better replace it with easily applicable vinyl tiles.
  • Regrout the tiles of discolored tub and shower or consider replacement of chipped tiles, if any.
  • If there is a worn tub, consider refinishing it with pre-manufactured tub.

Increase the curb appeal of your home:

Believe it or not, but the curb appeal does add grandeur to the resale potentiality of your home, giving it the required resale value in the eyes of your potential home buyers. So to say, a new and welcoming exterior of your home encompassing porch finishing, color scheme, house numbers and front doors as well as basic repairs to landscaping – they notch up innovative feel and walkway to your house, if done meticulously. If you can afford a relatively bit expensive solar lighting, it would add grandeur and safety to the front yard of your house, an additive to increase resale potentiality of your property.

Curb appeal really counts much.

Do the following things to boost the curb appeal of your home:

  • If you want your house to echo in style, give it your chosen numbers. For instance, for cottage home, select hand-painted tiles, and for modern house, choose fresh sans serif font.
  • Do the basic landscaping – trim down trees/shrubs, add concrete planters
  • Solidify structure of your front yard using low stone wall, it will last longer
  • Give side yard of your home a new makeover – attractive fencing, neat path devoid of weeds!
  • If there is garage, paint its door to a new attractive visual appeal.
  • A swanky and glossy door knocker will be complementary, add it.
  • The exterior of home must be personalized, add new shiny windows, ample lighting and accentuated house numbers plus swanky black shutters

Follow these important things, too:

  • Take a good care of the indoor air quality of your house, see if your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) needs an upgraded energy-efficient system or install a new air conditioning system to ensure air quality inside the house. If you can afford, installation of humidifier and filtration would be valuable for increasing resale value of your property. A selling feature is also improved by the addition of quality and clean furnace system.
  • See the home is not affected with water damage problem. Ensure roofs do not suffer from leakage; take a good look on indoor carpets. If possible, hire a carpet cleaning service for a complete revamp of the same
  • A great way to add resale value to your house is to round furniture, small appliances and pictures into a one place of your house. This is called staging to efficiently organize household things
  • Add gorgeous chandelier in dining and living rooms in place of old and boring lights. You may consider replacement of old fan blades of your ceiling fan.
  • You may consider turning basement of your house into finished rooms with glorified storage space to keep household accoutrements inside it.
  • The resale value of a house increases nearly by 3% after adding square footage. Every 1000 square feet counts much, as it will increase commercial value of your house.
  • You can add vales to your home through: Water filtration system, upgraded dishwasher, alarm systems, in-home theater etc.

Avoid presence of these things in your house:

  • Home wallpaper with outdated design is a major turn off for buyers. Remove it.
  • Leaky walls and roofs
  • Bedrooms with old and poor lighting
  • Dirty bathrooms
  • Wrongful Vaastu-settings

Factors that may affect resale value of your home:

  • Location: If your home is situated somewhere at a place not well connected with required transit facilities like buses, cars, and metro railway, it may affect resale value of your house. Buyers want a house located at a place abundant in traveling sources.
  • Age: Very old house is naturally vulnerable to collapse due to an earthquake or other forms of natural calamities. More so, these homes do not withstand rough weather; and crumbling plasters and leaky roofs are common issues with them. Hence, they have relatively poorer resale value as compared to a new house.
  • Size and design: What if you have 2000 square-foot house whereas buyers want something more of it? Moreover, a house with open-concept design sounds good to most buyers looking for spacious homes. The resale value is influenced by number of rooms your house has. Larger bedrooms increase resale value.
  • Revamping: A well renovated house that sounds good to buyers can increase its resale value. Avoid ‘over renovation’ as most buyers perceive it your way of marketing your property. For this, you can hire an expert appraiser; it will help you assess impact of revamping on resale value of your property.
  • Negative things: If there has been brutal crime nearby locality, if there has been violent fire, frequent episode of daylight robberies or anything that would mean insecurity would otherwise make your property a hard sell. May be in that case, the value of your property slumps down.

What is the fastest way to resell your property?

Consider hiring a reputed real estate consulting firm, the best remedial solution to your search for the fastest way to resell your property. The reason for this recommendation is to suggest a way out in order to help you avoid an individual recourse to resell your property. You see, it requires a lot of research works, looking for right buyers, evaluating market values of properties etc. Can you afford doing these things all alone? However, a real estate consulting firm can do this for you in a relatively easier, more convenient and faster way – much to the satisfaction of your time, money and comfort.

So, you can opt for this option as the best recourse to resell your property faster only if the aforementioned home improvement tips to increase resale value of your home doesn’t afford immediate response from target customers.

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