Big House Living, a Trendy Concept for Modern Home buyers

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The concept of big housing living is the emerging trend as buyers seek quality alternative to spacious living

If the sources derived from various e-media channels are to be trusted, big house living is the new emerging trend for home buyers in India today. The concept of big house living has transitioned the surge in the demand for large homes in various cities of the country. Prospective home buyers are giving them priority. They are selectively conscious for buying big housing units for a purpose largely meant to redefine the bliss of living.

And why not? If we study large homes, we come across a lot of advantageously rewarding benefits they offer. These properties efficiently built and cost-effectively accommodate larger family base, much to the relief of home buyers seeking the option of spacious living. From benefits, such as world-class amenities, facilities, brilliant interior and exterior designs, it stands to reason that large homes noticeably attract modern-day homebuyers, especially those who no longer think of small size homes as their primary residential choice.

Larger apartments are turning up favourite choice for buyers, especially for the buyers seeking an opportunity for value-driven investment in housing property. There has been major paradigm shift with regards to residential living where homebuyer newly acquired taste for large homes is seen as a key transition in their lifestyle choice. In almost all the cities of India, homebuyers expressed their coveted desires for big housing properties. Their preferences from 1 BHK and 2 BHK housing units have witnessed notable changeover, which is said to be the outcome of rapid transition in lifestyle. Homebuyers favour 3 BHK bedroom units over relatively undersized housing options.

Having said that, 2 BHK bedroom units are considered outdated for most homebuyers. They have extended their choice to 3 BHK larger housing units, which comparatively afford more comforts, more spaces, more luxuries and other residential advantages favorable for peaceful and comfy living.

Discount offers, festival-specific freebies and low-cost home offerings gave rise to the sales volumes of large homes. Moreover, increasing demand of plotted housing popularized the concept of big house living among modern-day homebuyers. Affordable large homes with spacious areas are top on the popularity chart as there has been upswing in their demand recently. Most cities witnessed major shifts in the preferences of independent and big housing units from buyers.

The preferential shift from small-sized homes to oversized ones has underscored the significance of big house living and increased the demands for homes accommodating lifestyle to the sheer elation of buyers. In future, especially in the upcoming festive seasons, the demand for large homes is expected to witness an upsurge. These occasions are considered lucratively favourite for buyers, as there is relatively better chance to avail property at a very affordable price during the festive seasons.

 The percentage in the surge of the demand for three-bedroom units ranges from 3% to 10%. That said, large homes are witnessing hike in their demands, thanks to the major shift experienced in the concept of big house living among potential buyers. That being said, the increasing demand for large homes in India indicate new paradigm shift of big house living in the country, as modern-day buyers give these housings the preferential treatment. To state otherwise, big house living is a trendy concept for modern-day home buyers as a quality alternative to spacious living.

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