Moving into new apartment? Learn these social etiquettes to befriend your neighbours

social etiquettes to befriend your neighbours
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If you’ve purchased an apartment and so are planning to stay there near time soon, there is no doubt you’ll get to see your neighbours around there.

Does that sound exciting to meet the next-door neighbour or community of people from different states and religions living closely in your apartment block?

Yes, the experience is really beautiful and full of excitement, and if you’ve better hang of certain social etiquettes, you will certainly win your neighbour’s heart and befriend them. Means, there is fair chance that you’ll make your stay in the new apartment very comfortable indeed with your neighbour.

Here are some tips that will you help treat your neighbours and make friendship with them.

Etiquette 1: Acknowledge presence:

The starting of any friendship stars with the first visual sight of the two personalities.

You need to acknowledge presence of your neighbour, and the best way to do this is to extend greetings in the form of “Hi”, or “Hello”.

You don’t need to be too formal in that sort of friendly gesture, but you should definitely be in a manner not sounding ‘out of courtesy’.

The moment you notice the presence of your neighbour or bump into him/her, just walk over and give yourself a gentle introduction. Remember, the received wisdom says if you start conversation first, there is strong likelihood that the potential conversation partner will also feel talking to you.

Follow the basic rules of engagement:

  • Be gentle and polite.
  • Do not sound too hard for a gentle exchange of words. Most people do not take pranks lying down.
  • Since this is you wanting to befriend, it is you and you alone who needs to walk over first to greet the neighbour. Don’t expect them to walk over you and shake hands (unless the person is friendly).
  • Always be open to conversation. The more friendly you appear; the more relaxed the neighbours will feel to engage in talk with you. In fact, you will encourage them to get to know about you.
  • Keep your body language in gentle form. This is important as it may give wrong signal about you to your neighbours.

Etiquette 02: Don’t be troublemaker:

If your behaviour is kind of troublemaker, or your personality is too tough to deal with, you should better pull up your socks. Nobody likes annoying people. If you want to befriend your neighbours, you should avoid playing nuts.

Follow these social etiquettes:

  • Rein-in your pet – If you’ve kept a pet dog, don’t let the animal roam around your neighbour’s yard. Perhaps they won’t like your dog wandering around the lawn, leaving the trail of its teensy poops.
  • Don’t play loud and lewd music, never celebrate noisy party – some people believe that their favourite songs should be played on ear-piercing sounds. They play loud music during birthday bash and create ruckus. You need not to show this kind of annoying behaviour. Respect other’s privacy, as they respect yours.
  • Be respectful to their religion and beliefs – As a new neighbour to other, there is always this expectation from those already living there, that you should be respectful to their religions, beliefs, traditions and cultures. This happens where the housing society has varied mix of population from different religious backgrounds. For example, suppose your next door neighbour is from Kolkata and the family apparently celebrates goddess Kali festival. You, as a neighbour to the Bengali family, are not supposed to speak mockery on their religious belief, for that is considered an impolite gesture and you will never befriend with the neighbour.
  • Watch your steps and outfits – there are people who tend to walk around in their yard wearing brief and vest only. Don’t do this. As a part of any civilized housing society, there is this moral responsibility expected on your side so that others living around you do not get the impression of any offensive gesture. Imagine how the kids of your neighbour would feel about you walking in your yard without proper clothing on?

If your neighbour finds you too annoying to deal with, they will not befriend you. To live in a better way in your new apartment, you need to mind your behaviour so that others feel friendly with you.

Etiquette 3: Wear the kind gesture for your neighbour

Always wear the kind gesture whenever you have an opportunity to meet your neighbour, no matter how outdated the gesture might seem in first place.

Do the following things:

  • Drop in at your neighbour’s door bearing a small gift like a bouquet (or candle) anytime or during birthday or special occasion. The gesture might seem old-fashioned, but the spirit behind this is the real deal that will make the heart of your neighbour go garden. It is certainly a gesture of extending friendship with the neighbour.
  • If lost or clueless, show senior citizens the way to a local store. If need be, escort them by yourself.
  • If your neighbour doesn’t have an idea about a special sale offer at a local store, tell it, if you know about this. It is one of the kindest things you’ll do to your neighbour.
  • Let them know anything special that they may be interested in. For instance, you can hand over a book that your neighbour has been looking for a very long time. Also, if you know something about home décor, let your neighbour know of this.
  • If you’ve additional saplings to spare, lend them to your neighbour to plant the plants in his garden.
  • If there is sanitation drive in your housing society, take part in it. Spread knowledge about preventive measures against the mosquitoes-borne diseases for the betterment of your housing society.
  • You can also invite your neighbour to tea party or dinner. This is another gesture signifying your interest that you want to be friend with your neighbour.

Other social etiquettes to befriend your neighbour’s:

  • It doesn’t mean that your first encounter with your neighbour will go well and both of you become friend at once. May be your conversation partner might be of shy nature or kind of introvert. In that case, you can wear down the conversation flow if you feel that the neighbour feels uncomfortable. Do not force talking to him/her – you may sound weird.
  • Sometimes language may be the cause of problem preventing you from mingling with neighbour. But that is not something you can’t deal with, as Hindi is still the most accepted form of communication in India. But if your neighbour doesn’t understand Hindi well, keep the conversation flow at low length and limit it to certain words commonly known to each other.
  • Never misbehave with the kids of your neighbour. Always be polite with them. Kids are the most precious members for any family.
  • If your neighbour, bearing certain gift, turns up at your door, always acknowledge it with smile and ‘thanks’ words. Strike up the conversation so that both of you get to know each other well.

Inviting neighbour to dinner is one fine way to befriend them.

Well, these social etiquette will most definitely help you make a good start with your neighbour. But before application of the same, first of all make sure you wear the gesture of kind and good-mannered neighbour, too. You can’t expect others treat you well if you do not pay them due regard. Therefore, always be kind and gentle. There is fair chance you will befriend your neighbour and live in new apartment happily.

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