Digi-tech, a catalyst for realty growth

Digital Technology catalyst for realestate

Technology is deeply ingrained in virtually every walk of human’s life. Its presence is quite notable. Technically speaking, we are beleaguered by technologies present among us in diverse versions. We are drawn to its charm and delve deep into its world. Take for example, the cell phone. A sweet swanky big-screen cell phone in your hand and you find yourself drowned into its digilicious world! From texting and phoning to surfing and shopping at fingertips – shouldn’t I just say technology is engulfing us into labyrinth of its own crazy, exciting world?

Indeed, the experience is incredible, unfolding to us the radical advancement of technologies as if on a mission to simplify our needs, seamlessly. And they’ve, quite loudly, done this, revolutionizing our life in wordless wonder.

Digital advent in human life marks revolutionary change synonymous to the one transpired in 1900’s industrial revolution. This digital technology came in companies, such as social media, e-marketing, web communication, advanced IT systems and other state-of-the-art mediums. Many years down the lines, these technologies underwent various experimental phases and modeled into different versions. Now they are prime necessity, streamlining works for online aggregators and core real estate industries. In fact, digital revolution bears impactful synergy of corporate and technological success with their notable transitions.

For real estate, the transition is remarkably brilliant – construction becomes notably sturdy and robust, and success of sales marketing is galloping. Technological innovations brought changes in the mainstream real estate ecosystem, modelling it to a rather sophisticated version. Streamlining information share becomes reliably faster with digital revolutions. The real estate sector, compared to its counterpart sectors all over India except agriculture, boasts of being the second largest employment sector of the nation. Digital evolution profoundly changed the sector, bringing seismic transition in demand and supply spectrums.

In fact, the digital revolutions fostered efficient flow of information in realty in a way resonating with intrinsic desire of buyers and investors. Property selection from plethora of options in the online listings is now seamless and least time-consuming task. Crucial data about a property like price, location, facilities and nearby areas or landmarks is now seamlessly accessible. Digital revolutions in broking business of real estate transpired phenomenal change, organized and transitioned the sector into profit-yielding, booming aggregators like Myrealestate and others. The alternatives for purchases witnessed surge. Facilities and amenities emerged in various projects launched by developers in order to excel in competitive market scenario of real estate industry. Digital revolutions induced expansion of realty business in cities, and gave push to investment flows. Demand surge prompted builders to construct meticulously-planned projects, which shaped real estate ambit well.

Technological revolution produced various digital marketing avenues, the innovative platforms assisting property owners in streamlining sales and renting of the assets. These avenues, assisted by ancillary channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, help them take a grip on market through solid sales traction. Various real estate players enjoy widespread presence on the online platforms, helping novice by offering viable investment opportunities with huge profit potentials. Moreover, the technological revolutions brought forth innovative concepts helping builders how to keep abreast with the evolving real estate construction industry without giving up on environmental values. More design software products are being utilized on mass scale so that new buildings remain in friendly terms with regards to environmental needs, or they don’t violate environmental norms. To sate otherwise, green building is the novel concept the realty players pay concentrated focus on, and the technology is playing pivotal role to its fruitful realization.

Technology contributes help for real estate in various ways, and systematically-optimized information processing system is one crucial thing benefiting banks and homebuyers in substantial way. For the banks, they can offer potential borrowers a wide range of financial products accessible seamlessly on their websites coupled with efficient process, thus facilitating home loan sanctions faster. The tedious processing for the same is becoming a time of bygone era.

Technological revolution has also facilitated information flow, qualitative and very streamlined through cloud computing. Data aggregators have reservoir of massive statistical info, thus underscoring significance of digital revolution in realty. Previously, when realty was at the rudimentary stage of adopting digital technology to its full potential, homebuyers helplessly sought help from local brokers for information, legal and otherwise, pertaining to home-buying. Now is the situation dependence of such sort is non-exist, even a bit of data is seamlessly accessible, thus showing time and cost effects brought by technology penetration.

There is no disagreeing as to technological revolution has impacted real estate market tremendously, given the perceptible sign of streamlined activities of the market in terms of seamless accessibility of countless information about projects, property transactions and other real estate data. The realty players ensure their foothold in the market by leveraging on the power of technology and its contribution I the advancements of realty.

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