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Foreign Investment Indicates Sign Of Revival For Indian Realty Market

September 9, 2015
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Indian real estate market is at maturity level after witnessing slowdown few times back. This has changed the perception of investors for the Indian realty market as they are now having more realistic views about investment returns for the same.

According to managing director of Global Real Estate Institute (GRI), Robert Marten, Indian real estate market cannot attain overnight revival, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of witnessing future reforms, thanks to the new government which inspired the surge in foreign investment flow.

The perception of Robert Marten about Indian realty market is that it is on the course of revival. However, he doesn’t rule out presence of certain bottlenecks deterring the progress of real investment flow. He lays emphasis on choosing a trustworthy partner, as investors find it difficult to select a plausible source due to fragmented nature of Indian market where each city owns solo market leader.

There are complex regulations and policies in Indian realty market about which Marten feels are some dampeners for investment flow.

Marten paid tribute to ‘Housing for all by 2022′ scheme launched by NDA government to resolve the issue of housing shortage in India. According to him, this housing scheme is an opportunity as a growth driver for Indian realty market.

About “100 Smart City” scheme, Marten hails it as a realty growth driver and hopes that it will turn into massive business preposition for Indian realty down the line. He hails attributes REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) as a real game changer for the revival of market, as it will streamline easier and safer entry for foreign investors into Indian realty market.

Source: ET Realty. September 09, 2015

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