Kolkata, also the educational center of East India, is the capital city of West Bengal. It is located on the bank of famous Hooghly River. During the reign of Mughal emperor, Akbar, the city was fondly mentioned in Akbarnama’s third volume, the Ain-i-Akbari (Constitution of Akbar) by Abu'l-Fazl, the vizier (key political advisor) of Akbar. Kolkata is the contemporary name of Calcutta, the erstwhile name of the city, which conjures up rich cultural and intellectual affluence, the den of educational institutes, the narrative of colonial-era and long-established history of the British Raj. The city brims with religious sentiments, including the omnipresent, Kali Pooja. It is perhaps the only city in India where edible stuffs are still available at unbelievably affordable price as compared to most Indian cities. Kolkata is also the nucleus of ancient literature, theatre, art, film and drama.


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