Moradabad is the city named after Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s son, Murad Baksh. It is not merely a city, it is also Municipal Corporation and commissionary. It is one of the greatest cities of Uttar Pradesh, a northern state of India. The city is merely 170 km from the Indian capital city, New Delhi, and 421 km from Kanpur.

History of Moradabad:

The city scripted its origin during the governance of Mughal emperor, Akbar as headquarter for the Chaupala Pargana. However, it didn’t remain so, as in AD 1624, the city was assailed, captured and renamed as Rustan Nagar by the then governor of Sambhal, Rustam Khan. It was then the son of Shah Jahan that the city was redesignated what otherwise is known as Moradabad. So, basically, the name by which the city is addressed today is the derivative of Murad Baksh. In 1081 when the era of British rule was surfacing all over India, the city was kept under British rule until the country was made free, leading the city to witness a glorious freedom off the British ruling.

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