Mathura is typically known as a spiritual destination in Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, as the land happens to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This is the very place where every particle of the land is believed to have the presence of the deity. Geographically speaking, the land is located at 140 km traveling distance from south-east of Delhi and around 60 km traveling distance from north-west of Agra. The spiritual town of Vrindavan is away from Mathura at the distance of 11 kilometers. However, it takes around 22 km of vehicular ride to reach Govardhan from here.

Spiritual Values:

Mathura is replete with the spiritual sanctity of various deities; especially Lord Krishna defines the persona of the city. The mythology, Mahabharata, quotes as saying that Lord Krishna was born in Janma-Bhoomi (the birthplace of Krishna). It was ruled by the tyrannical king Kansa, who was also the maternal uncle of Krishna. Later, Krishna had to kill Kansa, ending an era of absolute tyranny and bringing an eternal respite to the citizens of the land.

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