Agra is a beautiful city located at the banks of Yamuna River in the northern part of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh. Agra is known as the City of Taj as Taj Mahal, the prime heritage of India and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built here during the Mughal Era. Fatehpur Sikri and Red Fort are other major attractions of the city. Listed as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, together these three splendid and magnificent monuments make Agra one of the hottest tourist spots in India.

Agra is known for its beautiful and exquisite handicrafts, leather and brass products, carpets, jewellery, footwear and embroidery work. Other places of importance in Agra include a Golf Course located at Taj Road and some beautiful parks like Shahjahan Gardens and Rosery, Sardar Patel Park, etc.


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