Report says tenancy in Mumbai for bachelors a fat chance

You may be the most eligible bachelor in your home town, but Mumbai is tough land for tenants like you! Yes, the moment you land in India’s financial capital, your tenancy, in all likelihood, may land in trouble if you are a bachelor. The report from ET Realty is running accounts of different people who have gone through harrowing experience in obtaining tenancy in various locations in the city, but of no avail, as they were singles.



“No one wanted a bachelor as their tenant” – said an advertising professional who moved from Delhi to Mumbai and his search for 1-BHK flat in areas like Malad, Borivali and Vile Parle bore no result as landlords asked him of his marital status and was denied accommodation for being single. Another female professional went through similar kind of experience when she found herself at the receiving end of questions from landlord, interviewing her on various things, including if she worked late.

Tenancy is going to be a nightmarish kind of issue for bachelors in Mumbai and they have to face a lot of weird questions from the potential landlords. The plight doesn’t end here, even the divorced couples face eviction notice from their landlord/landlady if they come across that their tenants are single parent.

By denying tenancy to the bachelors, do landlords really mean to give them harrowing experience?

To answer this, the report says many landlords in past faced the brunt of losing NOC (no objection certificate) of their apartments from housing societies for renting out homes to the singles. The landlords bore the brunt of legal consequences, as ruckus and annoyances in the societies had connection with the boisterous tenants who were rented out flats. Familiarity with the landlord is also one potent reason that bachelor tenants face a lot of times during the hunt of accommodations. In fact, the landlords have to explain to the housing societies as to how much they know the tenants.

Unfortunately, Mumbai doesn’t have laws that can safeguard tenancy rights for bachelors, given the marital status is not the factor for denial of accommodation. Lack of intervention of law in this matter only aggravates the agony of single tenants, concludes the report.

ET Realty. March 4, 2016


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