Ghaziabad gears up for second phase of smart city mission

GMC (Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation) is gearing up for necessary preparations in an effort to slot the city into second phase of smart city mission. The proposal for selection in the smart city program was earlier sent to the Union urban development ministry, but the city could not figure in the first phase of smart city program declared on January 2015 last year, as Ghaziabad didn’t meet the qualifying parameters set for Smart City selection by central government.

The GMC officials in consultation with the department of urban development in Lucknow discussed the prospect of measures for the proposal of second round of smart city mission.

In the first phase of smart city result, Ghaziabad, along with other cities across the country, didn’t appear in the list of first 20 smart cities, to which union ministry advised the cities to work holistic level of preparations to qualify for the second round of competition for smart city selection.

An official from the civic body said the earlier proposal’s various aspects will undergo revision process and the amended version of the same will be sent to the urban development ministry for assessment and selection for the second phase of smart city program.

The former proposal drew out an anticipated fund of Rs 1120 crores earmarked for infrastructure projects. Moreover, the proposal will also involve civic suggestions and recommendations and will be subjected to supervision by RCUES (Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies) based in Luknow. Thereafter, the proposal will be sent to the union urban development ministry for assessment.

The report further says, Ghaziabad along with other 11 cities from Uttar Pradesh, was sent for the selection of first phase of smart city mission, but none of them appeared in the list of first 20 smart cities declared on January 28, 2015. To the central government, the cities didn’t fulfill the mandatory parameters set for smart city selection.

Source: ET Realty. March 09, 2016


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